Meatless Monday: South Indian Style Vegetable Saute

No, this isn’t traditional. At least, I don’t believe it is a traditional Indian dish. It’s possible that I hit upon a cooking method and ingredient list that is used in some of the South Indian states as a traditional dish by sheer luck, in which case, if there’s a real name for this, please, […]

Lamb Patties With Incendiary Green Chutney

Indian food has an unfortunate reputation of being both time consuming and difficult. This is not necessarily true. Yes, there are curries out there that should properly be cooked down for hours and hours on low heat, curries which involve multiple spice pastes ground to just the correct texture and added at just the right […]

Hyderabadi Bagara Baigan: Eggplant Curry In a Peanut Sauce

In my last post, I described my general love of all things eggplant and gave a recipe for a Chinese way of cooking them. In my litany of international ways with eggplant with which I am not only familiar but also adore, I left out one very important subcontinent: India. That’s because I wanted to […]

Making Flaky, Tender, Delicious Chapati

The very first chapati I ever had was not very good. Mind you, it was made by an American friend whose cooking skills were less than impressive, from a recipe from an American vegetarian cookbook (one of the older ones where the recipes tended toward the “less-than-delicious vegetarian glop dishes” that used to be the […]

Carola: Simply Good Potatoes

“Carola” is one of my favorite all-time potato varieties. Which might seem weird to some folks–I mean, a potato is a potato, right? Well, no. At least when it comes to locally grown or home-grown potatoes, there are distinct flavor and texture differences between potato varieties. The same can not always be said of supermarket […]

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