Happy All-Hallows Eve and All Saint’s Day!

Today was my first day of work at Salaam, so that is why I am late wishing everyone a happy Halloween. By the time I got home, went to the grocery store to pick up candy for the trick or treaters, went on another errand, then got home, got together with Zak, Morganna and Kat […]

A Voluptuous Vegan Italian-Arabic Fusion Pasta Dish

One of my favorite subjects of study in the world is the history of food, and how the foods of various cultures evolve over time due to human exploration, trade and conquest. I find it endlessly fascinating to examine foods such is cumin, which is a favored spice in India and the Middle East, then […]

Is Alice Waters an Elitist Food Snob?

I had no idea so many people hated Alice Waters. I mean, I thought Hilary Clinton was the American woman everyone all along the political spectrum loved to hate, but after reading the comments on Salon’s recent interview with Waters entitled, “Go Ask Alice,” I may have to revise my viewpoint on that matter. Maybe […]

Book Review: The Art of Simple Food

Yar! T’is The Wee Pirate Lass In All Her Glory

Shiver me timbers, who is that I see? What bairn is it who clings so tightly to her sire’s midmast, with fiery eyes and a fierce hunger for plunder and boody? T’is naught but Kat the Wee, the tiniest pirate in all the seven seas! With her father, Mad Zak, the Psychedelic Pirate! Yes, it […]

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