The Cookbook Caper: So, Did Jessica Seinfeld (ahem) “Borrow” Some Ideas from Missy Chase Lapine?

I’ve been watching this cookbook catfight develop over the past week, and I must say that I am heartily confused by it all. Cookbook catfight? What cookbook catfight, you may wonder, especially if you don’t read the New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, or watch Fox News. (Don’t worry–I don’t watch Fox […]

Back In A Restaurant Kitchen–At Last!

This is just a quick, jubilant post. After years of being out of restaurant kitchens, I am going back in–and I am thrilled about it. I am going to be cooking about twenty hours a week at Restaurant Salaam here in Athens. (For longtime readers, you might remember Salaam as the place where we had […]

Pork: The Little White Lie

I just want to clear something up, right here and right now. Contrary to what the National Pork Board has been saying since 1987, pork is not a white meat. It is red meat. End of story. Well, okay, it isn’t the end of the story, although it should be. However, 9 out of 10 […]

Peasant Food is Good Food: Beans and Rice

There is a song by Spearhead that I love, and it goes (in part) like this: “….The way to my heart/ is with a garlic clove it smells hella sexy/ when it’s on the kitchen stove (chorus) Red beans and rice, red beans and rice, red beans and rice, make everything nice red beans and […]

PETA Says Meat Eating Is The Biggest Cause of Global Warming

Of course, meat eating isn’t the largest producer of greenhouse gases, (burning fossil fuels for electricity wins that crown) but it sure makes a good headline, doesn’t it? Last month, according to an article in Salon by Liz Galst entitled, “Earth to PETA,” PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) members tried to bring […]

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