Green Salad with Chevre, Black Walnuts, Apples and Pomegranate Vinaigrette

This very picturesque salad was a collaborative effort between Morganna and I, and it typifies all that I believe a salad should be–a beautiful combination of flavors, color, textures and aromas which beguile the senses while retaining an essential simplicity of presentation which is still lyrically aesthetic. I made the dressing, and came up with […]

Ditalini With Eggplant, Kale and Caramelized Onions: Mamma’s Necessary Invention

When it is lunchtime, and a Mom has a hungry baby on her hands, she has to work fast. It’s a thing. But, I am too lazy of a Mom to want to cook something for Kat, and then something for myself and whoever else is around during the lunch hour, so, I just improvise, […]

Food News Roundup: More On Picky Kids Around The World, Family Dinners, Local Food in Schools and the Like

When I actually get to sit down and read the papers these days (I don’t know why I call them “the papers–” “the electrons” is probably a more apt description of what I am reading on my laptop screen), I have been finding articles of interest which I mean to post here, and then I […]

How Do You Make Shrimp Etouffee? Well, Cher, First You Make A Roux….

Now you see why I had to explain to y’all how to go about making a roux. Because if you don’t know how, the first sentence of most etouffee recipes will not make a damned bit of sense to you, whether they are in many Cajun-Creole cookbooks or they are coming from the mouths of […]

A Basic Saucemaker’s Skill: Making A Roux

Before I ever went to culinary school, I knew how to make a roux. I didn’t learn it at my mother’s knee, or at my grandmother’s stove; rather I learned it from Julia Child, but I learned it, and learned it well, nonetheless, such that folks always wondered why my gravies, pan sauces and stews […]

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