Rancho Gordo’s Heirloom Beans

As we all know around here, I love beans. (They are the magical fruit, right?) When I met Zak, he told me he didn’t like beans. I was like, “What?” But then, I quickly understood–he had never had them except out of a can, and if there is something that might well make someone dislike […]

The Locavore’s Bookshelf: Public Produce

As a landscape architect and city planner, Darrin Nordahl is in a unique position in regards to understanding and articulating the feasibility of urban agriculture in modern US cities. Unlike many authors, such as Micheal Pollan, Nordahl has first-hand experience with designing public landscapes in urban environments, and so he can see the viewpoints of […]

Book Review: The Hungry Gene

I have been reading The Hungry Gene: The Inside Story of the Obesity Industry by Ellen Ruppel Shell for the past three days, and found it to be utterly fascinating. This book tells the story of how scientists are tracking down the genetic and biochemical causes of the current world-wide obesity epidemic, and it reads […]

My Foodie Summer Reading Pile

Summertime is the time for reading. Well, in truth, every season is the time for reading. In the summer, you can lounge by the pool or loll on a blanket on the beach and devour a good book from behind movie-star sunglasses. Or, you can be like me as a kid, and climb up in […]

Book Review: The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

If you are at all a fan of Chinese American restaurant food, and if you have ever wondered about the fact that no matter how small a town you visit in the US, you are likely to find at least one Chinese restaurant there, you should pick up a copy of Jennifer 8. Lee’s book, […]

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