The Locavore’s Bookshelf: In Defense of Food

The Literary Approach to Raising a Little Foodie: The Books of Amy Wilson Sanger

I know that quite a few of you don’t have babies or children of your own. But you may well have nieces or nephews, or a number of friends who have decided to procreate, or heck, maybe even a neighbor or co-worker is about to have a baby. What is the perfect gift for a […]

Food in the News: Organic, Ethical and Fast, And a Bit on Bees

I have a lot of food-related news you can use today, from sources far and wide. First up, a major study from the University of Michigan has found that organic farming has the potential to feed the world, because it can provide up to three times as much food in the same amount of land […]

The Locavore’s Bookshelf: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite writers. Her prose is graceful, eloquent and spare; she is the master of poetic description punctuated with the occasional baldly-stated observation of ugly, yet undeniable truths. With her training and background in evolutionary biology, Kingsolver cannot help but report on both the incredible beauty the natural world offers […]

Nina Planck Stirs the Pot; Vegans Get Steamed: Film At Eleven

You know, I used to like Nina Planck. Now, I am not so sure. I wrote a review of her book, Real Food, when it came out in hardcover last year, and although I noted it was not perfect, I mostly agreed with her premise and information. I did and still do have reservations about […]

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