Images And Impressions From Athen’s Farmers Market

Saturday’s farmers market here in Athens was a nearly perfect experience of the diversity that is possible in local agriculture and food producers. The weather, which was a cool seventy-six degrees F. and sunny, the harvest, which was at its peak for early autumn, showing the best of both summer and fall produce, and the […]

Yet Another Reason Why I Support Organic Agriculture: Malformed Frogs

I remember hearing on the news in 1995 that schoolchildren in Minnesota had found a great deal of seemingly mutated frogs whose hind legs were either completely missing, missing extremities, split or who had up to five back legs. I remember listening to the report, looking at the videos of the captured leopard frogs and […]

Preserving the Local Harvest: A General Introduction to Pressure Canning

This year’s Eat Local Challenge revolves around preserving the harvest, and like eating locally, this is something I do just as a natural course of events. When I told Morganna what the theme of this year’s challenge was, she said, “But what is the big deal–everyone knows about canning and freezing, don’t they?” Well, in […]

What is Up With the Cupcake Thing?

Sometimes human beings confuse me. Okay, I will amend that. Not all humans confuse me–just most of them. And it isn’t sometimes–it’s most of the time. So, let’s just start this over, shall we? Most of the time, I find the behavior of most human beings to be quite confusing. Take the case of the […]

Early Autumn Soups for Baby and Everyone Else

Now that Kat is a year old, she is eating less and less “baby food,” and pretty much eats either a ground up or minced or chopped up version of what we are eating, particularly for dinner. Her breakfast is still oatmeal with fruit and yogurt, and for lunch she tends to have some of […]

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