From the New York Times: More on Why Local Food is Important (and other good news…..)

Alice Waters On Choosing Produce and the Local Food Revolution Alice Waters has been at the forefront of a revolution in American food for the past thirty-six years. After she returned from her time in France, inspired by the fresh foods and simple ways of preparing them to which she had become accustomed, she opened […]

Kimchi Noodle Soup

The theme of this year’s Eat Local Challenge is “Preserving The Harvest,” and I thought that I could use this opportunity to not only make up a few more batches of kimchi and Hunan salted chilies, but also highlight a few recipes using these delicious lactic-acid fermented vegetables. Lactic acid fermentation is an ancient method […]

Kat’s First Birthday: A Smashing Good Time

This is how Kat’s first birthday party started: a pretty new dress, a tranquil, clean, angelic looking baby, a clean table and lots of smiles all around. This is how it ended: a nearly naked baby, a grinning, filthy goblin of a child, a sticky table, and giggling and laughter all around. And it is […]

Eating Local 2007: What Does Halal Mean?

After posting my essay on the subject of eating locally as a spiritual practice, I thought it would be nice to feature some posts by other authors that describe their personal experiences and thoughts on the intersection between food and spirituality in their own lives. And then, I promptly got involved in making noodles, playing […]

Fun With Chow Fun

Chow fun is a transliteration from the Cantonese, which means “stir-fried rice noodles;” the Mandarin transliteration would be “chao fen.” It does not have anything to do with the English slang word, “chow,’ meaning “food” and “fun”, meaning “fun.” No, it does not mean “food that is fun,” though I do think it is fun […]

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