Pucca Noodles

Allright, before I tell you about these noodles I need to explain about Pucca. Pucca is a South Korean cartoon featuring the unbearably cute main character, Pucca, (pictured over there–see her?) who is the daughter of the chef of a noodle restaurant in tiny Sooga Village. The animation is somewhat South Parkesque, with the kind […]

Health Update: We Don’t Know Anything Yet

I want to thank everyone who left such supportive, loving comments on the last post I wrote. It is very uplifting to read them when I don’t feel well enough to bother writing. I was hoping to know something to report by this time, but no, the blood tests have not come back yet. They […]

Tigers and Strawberries–A Probable Change of Focus

I’ll just spit it out. I have been ill–for a while, although for the past few weeks, it has been worse. And, luckily, my doctor has probably figured out what is wrong with me and has narrowed our focus down to three possibilities, all of them necessitating diet and lifestyle changes. One, that we know […]

More Pasta, More Local: Penne Verdante

Even though there was a snowstorm last week, spring marches forward, washing Appalachian Ohio in an ever-brightening wave of green dotted with yellow, violet, pink, white and rose as trees, flowers and grasses burst from the slowly warming earth. The gardens, solar greenhouses and farms surrounding Athens are fertile with early spring delights: scallions, sweet […]

Leftover Makeover: Got Extra Stir-Fry? Make Fried Rice

Leftover stir-fried dishes in my house usually don’t last long enough to be turned into anything else. Usually they go home with people–Morganna takes some back to her dorm room for lunch the next day, or I send some home with Dan or Amy for meals the next day. Or, if it is a chicken […]

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