Food in the News: Junk Food, Plain and Simple

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged an article in the New York Times about food manufacturers returning to the use of cane sugar in their foods and then touting these products as being more healthful than foods produced with high fructose corn syrup. And, in my post, I noted that while high fructose corn […]

Barbara’s Mailbag: Wok, Don’t Run

I get a lot of email from casual and long-time readers, and it is always a joy to read each piece of it. Some of the emails are simply compliments, which is always wonderful, but often readers pose questions to me, hoping for an answer to a culinary puzzle or conundrum. Probably the one subject […]

My Next Quilt: Claire’s Flowers

I have a newly born third cousin, named Claire Marie, and I decided that I wanted to make a quilt for her. And I was thrilled to hear that the colors of her nursery were not pastel pinky-lilac-minty-sky. They were, instead, deep, vibrant colors–scarlet, deep yellow, true green and bright blue. I was thrilled because […]

Yogurt: Let’s Talk About It

I get emails often from readers who have tried this recipe or that, or many of them and have had fantastic results and they just want to tell me about it. And I love hearing from my readers, especially when they are happy with the recipes they have tried, but you know, I am just […]

Culinary April Fool’s Pranks, Japes and Larks

Have you ever played a food or beverage related April Fool’s prank? When I was about four or five years old, I did. It all went down like this. Even as a kid, I am told that I had a wicked sense of humor, and was apt to do things that were unexpected. The April […]

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