Yes, it is Time: More Weekend Cat Blogging!

Yeah, I am early again, because today, I have to run off in the morning to drive to Salem West Virginia where my daughter, Morganna, is head woman dancer at a powwow. This will be the first powwow I have gone to where she has been so honored, so I am very excited and want […]

Book Review: Git in that Kitchen and Make Me Some PIE!

I have a good husband. He not only has finally come to appreciate food and can actually converse intelligently on the subject (just as I can converse intelligently on the subject of guitars), he is quite good natured about buying me odd bits of culinary equipment and cookbooks for all major holidays. And he is […]

Harnessing the Five Fires

I adore strong flavors, and always have. My mother tells me that when I was teething, I used to run about with a scallion hanging from my mouth, and I would gum it furiously, until green dribbles would stain my lips and chin. She said it looked ghastly and smelled worse, but it kept me […]

Ohio Local Food Resources

I know that there are a couple of other bloggers out there who are taking up the August Eat Local Challenge, and I thought, just for them, I would share a few internet resources I have found over the past couple of days which might help them locate locally grown and produced foods. The first […]

Uncle Wiggly’s Good Time Cooking Contest: Version Weekday

It is all Dr. Biggle’s fault. I just found out about the cooking contest he is holding over at Meathenge yesterday, so of course, I had to jump in at the eleventh hour and think of something fun to toss into the fray. The idea is to present a weekday dinner, something that I make […]

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