Noodles as an Economic System

When I went back to college, one of my dearest friends used to calculate the cost of everything by how many packages of ramen it could buy. This was a winter when her funds were low, so every time a lightbulb burned out, or she needed to replace a tire, or purchase a bottle of […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Happy Birthday Kiri!

The Kitchen Update: Lights, Walls and Infrastructure

This is the second week of kitchen rennovation, and I thought I would post some photographs of the progress so far. I know it doesn’t look like there has been much in the way of progress, but there has. For one thing, the walls, ceiling and floor are all intact, and the walls are ready […]

The Naked Post: Pork, Tofu and Gai Lan

So you notice that this post is naked. No, not that way–there are no pictures. There are two good reasons for this. While I was cooking dinner last night and Morganna was poised to record it all with the camera, she got through photographing the ingredients and poof! The rechargable batteries went dead, and that […]

Short and Serious: Avian Flu

Okay, first of all, this is a short post, because I don’t really have a functioning computer desk, because my keyboard shelf has given up the ghost for the last time. Particle board desks do not appreciate being taking apart and put back together more than say, once, maybe twice. This poor thing has had […]

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