The Locavore’s Bookshelf: Public Produce

As a landscape architect and city planner, Darrin Nordahl is in a unique position in regards to understanding and articulating the feasibility of urban agriculture in modern US cities. Unlike many authors, such as Micheal Pollan, Nordahl has first-hand experience with designing public landscapes in urban environments, and so he can see the viewpoints of […]

The Locavore’s Bookshelf: In Defense of Food

Book Review: The Art of Simple Food

The Locavore’s Bookshelf: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Barbara Kingsolver is one of my favorite writers. Her prose is graceful, eloquent and spare; she is the master of poetic description punctuated with the occasional baldly-stated observation of ugly, yet undeniable truths. With her training and background in evolutionary biology, Kingsolver cannot help but report on both the incredible beauty the natural world offers […]

The Locavore’s Bookshelf: Pasture Perfect

Jo Robinson is the driving force behind the website, a clearinghouse for information on the health benefits of pasture-based farming which includes a comprehensive, state-by-state directory of sources for pasture-raised meats, eggs and dairy products. For those who are not net saavy, she also happened to write this concise book, Pasture Perfect: The Far-Reaching […]

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