Fishing for Fish Sauce

Back when I wrote my post about the Thai Pesto Noodles I put together in a successful experiment, one reader commented that I never really explained much about fish sauce, nor mentioned which brand or brands I used at home. And while I did link to a very old post of mine, an exhortation to […]

Voting on Issue 2 In Ohio

I have long been pondering the case of Issue 2: a ballot initiative meant to make an amendment to the Ohio Constitution which would create a board of professionals appointed by the governor and the legislature, to make policy and oversee the humane treatment of animals in Ohio farms, as well as making and implementing […]

Finally–A Diagnosis

Okay, after several weeks of testing and lots of speculation, I finally have a diagnosis for my upper right quadrant abdominal pains: biliary dyskinesia. Which means, in plain English, that while my gallbladder is technically functional, it causes me intermittent pain when it contracts and squeezes bile into the small intestine. It is a progressive […]

Why Does Lou Dobbs Hate Vegetables?

OK, that is a sensationalist headline. I’m sure Lou Dobbs, the controversial CNN commentator who doesn’t much care for illegal immigrants doesn’t actually hate vegetables. A more accurate headline would be, “Why Does Lou Dobbs See a Conspiracy In The Lunch Trays of The Baltimore City School System?” But it just isn’t as catchy, so […]

Yes, I’m Doing a Restaurant Review: Kiser’s BBQ Shack

Now, y’all know I don’t do restaurant reviews. Originally, it was because it wouldn’t be fair, me working in a local restaurant and all, to review other local restaurants–I could hardly be considered to be an unbiased taster. And, there is the fact that, while I eat out often enough, especially at places I like, […]

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