Lamb With Cilantro and Curry Leaf Sauce

I like to play with cooking techniques when I come up with new dishes. For example–I like to take the French techniques I learned in culinary school and apply them to other cuisines. Usually what happens is I end up with a recipe that tastes both traditional and sublime–the flavors of the original cuisine are […]

Meatless Monday: Eats Roots and Leaves Salad With Blueberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

And flowers, and fruits. Yes, I named the salad we ate tonight as a play on the famous book on punctuation by Lynn Truss, Eats, Shoots & Leaves. It’s because I used the first two carrots and the first beet that Kat pulled out of our garden plot. The carrots as you can see in […]

Cooking Ahead: The Slacker Method

There’s a blog post called “Freezer Meals on the Cheap” that’s going around the ‘net these days that has some good advice for cooking and filling your freezer with food so that you can have “fast food” that is still home-cooked for days when life is too hectic for you to even think about cooking. […]

My Current Favorite Vegetable Variety: Cascadia Snap Peas

While herbicide contamination in commercial compost seems to have stunted many of my plants, it hasn’t stopped my six raised beds at the Westside Community Garden from producing decent crops. Many of my radish plants have stunted, twisted roots, but I do have a big beet ready to pull from the ground, and other beets […]

Big Damn Heroes Steak

Ain’t it just? Yeah, the name of this dish is a reference to one of my favorite SF television shows, the short-lived “Firefly.” In the future posited by Joss Whedon in “Firefly,” humanity has long ago left Earth, known as “Earth-That-Was,” to colonize a star system that consists of many terraformed planets and moons. A […]

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