Cooking For Kat: Breaking the Baby Food Rules

Yesterday, the time I would have taken up with writing, I was in the kitchen, busily whipping up a whopping large amount of baby foods for Kat. Our supply of little frozen cubes of baby meals had dwindled down to nearly nothing (we were down to two cubes of dal and one of blueberry puree), […]

Food In The News: Chocolate, Recipes on the ‘Net and Farmers Who Write

The New York Times has an interesting trio of articles on subjects of chocolate, recipes, the internet and farmers this week. First up, the Times has an Op-Ed piece by Mort Rosenblum, author of Chocolate: A Bittersweet Saga of Dark and Light, on the proposed new regulations which will allow chocolate manufacturers to replace a […]

When Ingredients Really Matter: Simple Summer Pastas

I am always a believer in using the best, freshest, most flavorful ingredients I can afford, preferably locally grown. Locally grown foods are not only politically, economically and ecologically sound additions to our diets, they are also tastier and more nutritious as well. Vegetables, fruits and herbs which are picked just before you eat them […]

The Secret’s In The Sauce: Sichuan Shredded Chicken With Garlic Sauce

The actual name of this dish translates to “Chicken in Fish-Fragrant Sauce,” but you will likely never see it on an American Chinese restaurant menu as such, for obvious reasons. That just doesn’t sound appetizing to the American imagination. The sauce does not smell of fish–and there is no fish in it–it is simply a […]

Bengali Style Summer Squash

As much as I love food, sometimes I think I love color even more. Vivid colors and strong flavors sing to me of summer. Every time I go to the farmer’s market in the summer, I can feel the excitement bubble up in my heart as I look at the jumble of gorgeous colors on […]

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