The Final Recipe of 2007: Beef and Vegetables With Sha Cha Sauce

My final recipe for 2007 had to be Chinese, and I wanted it to be something very special, festive and beautiful. And, as you can see above, I was lucky enough to capture an image of the Shao Hsing wine bursting into flame as I deglazed the wok. (Stir frying with one hand and taking […]

The Year In Review: Posts Which Make Me Proud

I decided, in the last few days of this year, to look back over what I had written and pick out a post or two per month which had a lot of meaning for me. Well, I tried to keep it to one or two posts per month, but, well–it just didn’t work out that […]

Tasty Retro Holiday Spread: Bubbling Hot Artichoke Parmesan

I don’t have any clue the provenance of artichoke parmesan dip/spread. My suspicions are that it came into existence in the United States between the decades of the 1950’s and 1970’s, probably in a woman’s magazine, either as an article, or in an ad promoting the use of canned artichoke hearts to make an “elegant […]

Happy Boxing Day: Images From Our Christmas

While technically, last year was Kat’s first Christmas, at that time, being only a few months old, she didn’t really give a damned about it. So long as she was nursing, she was happy. This year, on the other hand, she helped us decorate the tree, bake cookies and wrap presents. And, as you can […]

A Christmas Gift For Caffiends: BuzzBarz

Every year around Christmas, I try to come up with a new cookie recipe or two to add to the already copious list of cookies I make every year. This year, I didn’t get started baking until, oh, yesterday, so that curtailed my explorations in cookiedom. However, I did manage to adapt a recipe from […]

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