Weekend Cat Blogging: Christmas Edition

It was Christmas Eve Eve–the night before the night before Christmas–and all through the house, many creatures were stirring, measuring, shaping and baking a multitude of cookies to sweeten the holiday and make the season bright. I caught a glimpse of a sweet sight beneath our horrifying fiber optic Christmas tree–it glimmers and glows on […]

A Menu For Hope: Just A Few More Hours To Send A Lot OF Hope

I want to thank all of my readers who have so generously donated to A Menu For Hope this year, and while it is true that we have together broken last years record of approximately $62, 000.00, we’d like, in the last few hours of the campaign, send as much as we possibly can to […]

Food in the News: Restaurant and Blog Edition

Cooking in a War Zone Some people liken working in a restaurant during the dinner rush to dodging bullets in a war zone, but at least most restaurateurs don’t have to work in an actual war zone. That is, except for the foreign women who have come to Kabul, Afghanistan, in order to open restaurants […]

Book Review: Indian Spice Kitchen

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see that Monisha Bharadwaj’s Indian Spice Kitchen is back in print. It is, quite simply, an indispensable reference work for Westerners who are just beginning to learn how to cook the myriad regional foods of India. It contains comprehensive listings of all of the major spices, […]

A Nice Beef Curry

As opposed to a naughty beef curry, I suppose….(I now feel the need to make a curry called Naughty Beef Curry, of course–just you wait and see.) No, I am just paraphrasing the words of my friend Heather used to describe the curry I made for her birthday supper. She had a second helping of […]

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