Baby Blue Potatoes with Panch Phoron and Ghee

I absolutely adore little baby blue or purple potatoes. They are beautiful, with their deeply-hued skins and slightly paler to pastel flesh, and I like the barely sweet to nutty flavor they possess, which is more interesting than many other, plainer, potato varieties. So, of course, I was thrilled two months ago, to find a […]

Golly Gee, I Mean, Ghee

Usli ghee, or as it is more commonly known, ghee, is the Indian style of clarified butter. It is a rich, delicious, nutty-flavored pure butterfat product which not only has a higher smoking point, so it makes a good medium for frying, it adds an amazing depth of flavor to Indian foods. Many Indian vegetarians […]

A Menu For Hope Continues…

A Menu For Hope continues on–and blog readers are giving generously to help out the school lunch program of Lesotho. I know it is hard to choose among so many amazing prizes, but do give it a shot and buy a raffle ticket or two or three. They make great gifts for those hard to […]

Chicken Jhalfrezi With Mangoes

What is Chicken Jhalfrezi? It is a curry dish from the northern Indian subcontinent which dates back to the time of the British Raj. It was developed as a way to use up leftover roasted meats; “jhal” means spicy–and this dish is traditionally quite hot with chilies and other spices. It is believed that this […]

Hunters, Locavores and Critics, Oh, My!

Hunters have a bad reputation in the United States, and sometimes, I am sad to say, it is warranted. I mean, Ted Nugent’s “Whack and Stack” rhetoric, while it certainly is attention-getting, doesn’t really positively influence the anti-hunting crowd towards changing their minds. The whole NRA mindset that Americans should have virtually unlimited access to […]

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