I Say Tomayto, You Say Tomahto…

But however you pronounce it, tomatoes are among American’s favorite garden vegetables. I adore them, myself. But only ones grown in the summer, in gardens, locally. Those tomato-shaped and vaguely tomato-scented things in the grocery store that are as hard as baseballs and vibrantly colored as as insipid and watery in flavor as they ever […]

Production Has Begun

Longtime readers will recall that oh, a year or so ago, it was mentioned that my friend and videographer, Dan Trout, and I were working on a documentary film about the food community here in Athens, Ohio. I am pleased to announce that the cogitation, pre-production equipment gathering and research phase is finished and as […]

A New Food Journal: Lucky Peach

I love food magazines. Well, let me clarify: I love the idea of food magazines, though the reality of them usually don’t stand up to my own preconceived–and some would say idiosyncratic–notions of what a periodical about food and cooking should be. Back when I was the editor for “The Paper Palate” which is a […]

Finding Food Wherever You Are

Leave it to me to find food wherever I go. That’s the thought that ran through my mind as I was playing with Kat in the golden shallows of Lake Winnipesaukee at my in-laws’ home in rural New Hampshire. No, I hadn’t seen a fish and thought it. Well, we had seen fish–minnows which were […]

Vacation Time

I’ll not be around for the next week or so–we are traveling tomorrow to visit Zak’s family in New England. First stop, Boston, then, up to the wilds of New Hampshire. I may post a picture or two if I have time, but if not–I’ll be back around the 16th. Until then, happy cooking.

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