Tamari, Miso and Honey Make Everything Sunny

Why the rhyme? I dunno. Except, that somehow, the combination of those three ingredients -does- taste like sunshine. Like warm summer sunshine in a garden filled with flowers and buzzing bees. Really. Put the three together and then cook it and slather it on anything, and suddenly, even if its midwinter, you’ll feel like you’re […]

Meatless Monday: Eggplant, Squash and Tomato Gratin With Goat Tomme

Happy Independence Day! How about celebrating this year as “Independence from Meat Day?” Or, maybe, “Independence from Corporate Food Day?” Or, even better, “Independent Local Food Producer Day?” Nah, I’m just having fun with the idea of a meatless Fourth of July, which is generally celebrated with grilled burgers, hot dogs, bratwursts, ribs, and steaks. […]

Growing the Three Sisters

They are the Holy Trinity of the First Peoples. Corn, beans and squash. There are many Native American tales, most of them originating among the Eastern tribes, about the Three Sisters. Some say that they existed as soon as land was separated from the sea. The Iroquois tell that they sprang from the body of […]

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