Meatless Monday: Aloo Mattar

I adore tiny French fingerling potatoes, especially when they are just dug from the earth and scrubbed of mud. The little bite-sized ones are amazingly sweet with the most lovely contrast between the earthy, slightly bitter skins and their creamy, nutty-sweet flesh. When you boil them, their skins pop under your teeth, releasing the meltingly-soft […]

Another Health Update: The Gallbladder is Fine

So, in an odd twist of luck, I had my ultrasound on Friday morning. I woke up after fasting all night, hungry and nauseous as all get-out, and a little bit sore, and went to the hospital, checked in and had the ultrasound done. It was a comprehensive look at the gallbladder, pancreas and liver. […]

Fettuccini With Caramelized Tomato and Rapini Sauce

You know, I could have left this recipe for next week’s “Meatless Monday,” but I liked it so much and it tasted so good I couldn’t wait that long. This is yet another recipe to come about because I needed something as fat-free as possible and vegetarian to eat so as to not upset my […]

Gourmet Magazine: Going, Going Gone?

I woke up this morning and picked up the October issue of Gourmet Magazine, and started browsing through it while I sipped my coffee. This is not a usual pattern for me–I am not a regular reader of Gourmet, and never have been. But, over the years, I have plucked individual issues off the newsstand […]

Meatless Monday: Thai Butternut Squash and Corn Bisque

I have never really been interested in living a low-fat vegan lifestyle, but having a gallbladder that has decided to hate the world, or at least me, has caused me to eat more than my fair share of vegan entrees recently. Pain is a great motivator. If I so much as -think- of eating more […]

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