Pei Mei’s Chicken with Sweet Soybean Paste

Morganna thinks that I should give this recipe a more dramatic name–something like, “Falling Down the Stairs Chicken,” or “Accident-Prone Chicken.” No, the chicken didn’t fall down the stairs, but Morganna did, on her way to dinner, whereupon she cracked the back of her head on a step and bled a lot and was in […]

The Chinese Cookbook Project VI: The Julia Child of China

Julia Child said that her second favorite cuisine next to French was Chinese; she recognized that Chinese cookery was a complex art dependant upon fresh ingredients and mastery of technique, and she appreciated the depth and breadth of flavor called forth by one of the oldest culinary traditions in the world. Often called by the […]

News, Food and More News

Halal Food Choices Rise in US Markets This is good news: along with the growing population of US citizens who are Muslim, there is a corresponding rise of markets which sell food which conforms to the requirements of halal. Halal roughly equates to the more commonly known kosher dietary laws held by many Jews, and […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: An Introduction to Mei-Mei Ari

We still miss Minnaloushe; nothing will change that except time and work. And no one will replace her in our hearts, especially not Zak’s. She was a wonderful little cat. But, I have been doing better for days–the kitchen excitement and the writing has kept me from moping excessively, except that yesterday, we got a […]

Sugar High Friday #13: The Dark Side

It is my birthday. I am forty years old today. And what better way to celebrate than to enter a blogging event: my very first Sugar High Friday? This one is hosted by Kelli at Lovescool, where she asks us to turn to the dark side–of chocolate, I mean. She asks that we do something […]

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