What Does My Kitchen Look Like Now?

Aptly enough, it looks like a construction site. I haven’t gotten really good pictures of it looking like a war zone, but you can see it now, sans flimsy cabinetry, 1BTU gas stove (we joked that it had 1BTU that it shared among all four burners), sink, dishwasher and the Sub Zero. Oddly, Zak pointed […]

Stewing in Fusion

I’m weird. Although I am always improvising and “winging it” when it comes to cooking, I don’t much like the idea of “fusion food.” Part of the reason I am not into culinary fusions is because I have had a lot of dishes that should have been called “confusion food.” Stuff that just seemed to […]

Preparing for the Onslaught

We were in Columbus today, so we could purchase the last bit of kitchen equipment we needed for the rennovation–a ventilator hood. The stove I am getting (in five to nine weeks, instead of the four to six they originally quoted me) requires more ventilation power than the one I had picked out, so we […]

Homestyle Bean Curd with Mushrooms

When Morganna was about two, I worked in a Chinese restaurant as a waitress. This meant that Morganna ate a lot of really good Chinese food from the time she could toddle, and this affected her palate from the very beginning. She used to love to go to dinner with me, and she adored the […]

It is Finished

Minna is gone. Her condition worsened over the day yesterday, to the point where we drove her to Columbus to MedVet, a veterinary ER and specialized health services facility where a friend of ours is a vet. When they admitted her, the examining doctor was of the opinion that it was FIP–feline infectious peritonitis. FIP […]

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