Weekend Cat Blogging: Minnaloushe Update

Minna went back to the hospital for a day on Thursday, and we picked her back up on Friday; she had stopped eating again. The doctor determined it was likely the oral antibiotic making her nauseous, so he took her off of it, and started giving her appetite stimulants. She is back to eating again, […]

Those Darned Chemicals V: The Final Confrontation

Finally–I have come to the end of the list of those dreadful, evil, awful synthetic chemicals that are allowed to dirty up all of our processed USDA Certified Organic foods. Throughout the duration of this series, I have received emails from various left-leaning organizations, urging me to call my congressfolk over this issue and raise […]

Those Darned Chemicals, Part IV: What, Me, Worry?

I grew up in Chemical Valley. Well, that isn’t the official name of my hometown, but it might as well be. Charleston, West Virginia, the medium-sized capitol of the state, is situated along the Kanawha River valley, where it is bracketed on both the east and west sides with chemical plants. DuPont, Union Carbide and […]

Minna is Home

I wanted to share the good news: Minnaloushe’s liver enzyme counts are back to normal levels. This fast reversal came about because we caught her anorexic behavior in time to provide aggressive treatement (force-feeding) and whatever it was that started the lack of interest in food is no longer an issue, as she has been […]

October Flavors

October is my favorite month. Autumn finally regales us with her glory, as she enrobes herself in a cloak of fiery color and shakes out her hair in a flurry of damp, chill breezes. The nights grow subtly longer, and crickets, nightbirds and toads sing a lullaby to summer as clouds skitter across the somber […]

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