Blueberry Whole Grain Tea Bread

Zak liked this bread better than the Harvest Fruit Bread; but I don’t agree. It is just a matter of personal taste–I like all the chewy, nutty goodness of a whole grain bread, and he likes a finer textured bread with fewer inclusions. The white flecks in the picture are whole grain oats that have […]

Zak’s Cardamom Boule

Cardamom boule with a platter of pear and apple slices, havarti, gouda and good roast beef. In the background is the banneton Zak used for the final rise of the bread. I have been promising to post the recipe for this bread once Zak was happy with consistent results and felt that it was perfect. […]

Creating Kofta

Kashmiri kofta, all dressed up on a plate. Basmati rice is the foundation, then the kofta, mushrooms and sauce go over. I used the microgreens to edge the plate, and then sprinkled the minced mint and sliced almonds over the kofta. And of course, I finished it all with a viola. Because, I could. So, […]

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