This Is Why I Have Been Absent From The Blog

This has been a super-busy week. We had a load of prep to do at work, and at home, we had to get our butts in gear, and get our ducks in a row and all those cliches, because we were going to be inundated by grandparents, grandparents and more grandparents, all coming together in […]

Garlic Scapes And Spiced Dry Tofu Stir Fry

My favorite way to prepare garlic scapes is to stir fry them. And, as far as I am concerned, their perfect partner in the wok is spiced dry tofu. Here’s why: the scapes have the same wonderful crisp but tender texture that very young green beans have, and are blessed with a similar verdant grassy […]

How Green Was My Garlic (Scapes)

Sometimes I cannot get enough of garlic; I think it is probably my favorite member of the allium family. I use more onions by weight in my cooking than I do garlic, but that is partially because garlic manages to pack a healthy wallop of flavor in a very small package, compared to onions, so […]

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