Breast is Best

Okay, I just read something that got me het up enough to get political in my food blog again. It is about the conflicting messages that nursing mothers are given when it comes to feeding their babies. I got up this morning early to send a fax to my mother, and so, while the fax […]


A small portion of my cookbook library, including most of the Asian cookbooks. And so, Steph over at Da*xiang tapped me with this meme about cookbooks that seems to be floating about the food blogosphere, and like the good sport that I am, I decided to answer the questions, and in fact, even post a […]

Sweet Seasonal Shoots

Best simply dressed: asparagus with a bit of butter, lemon juice, lemon zest and pepper is a seasonal treat. Speaking of eating locally and in season, let’s talk about asparagus. It is one of those foods that, when it is in season, I will gorge on. I am the same way with strawberries (as if […]

Sunday Breakfast, Fresh and Local

The ingredients for a mostly local, fresh Sunday breakfast. As many of you know, I tend to emphasize eating a lot of fresh, locally produced foods. Not only are you getting something that tastes amazingly better than what you get at the grocery store, you are usually getting more nutritious food and you are helping […]

Strawberries, as God Intended

“Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God ever did.”–William Butler 1600. As you most likely noticed in yesterday’s photograph, I aquired some fresh, (just picked yesterday morning, in fact) locally grown strawberries, and I must tell you, they were a far cry from the plastic nubbins of nonsense that are sold […]

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