The blog is back!

Well, it was a nice idea.

I (“I” in this case being Zak, not Barbara) tried to move the blog to, but Blogger didn’t feel like cooperating. At all. So, now that page has a redirect here until I figure something else out.

I apologize for the mess. It could have been worse … several years ago I managed to ‘lose’ all of Barbara’s recipe files — hundreds of them. I don’t think she’s entirely forgiven me, and I haven’t forgiven myself, for sure, but I was bound and determined not to let THAT happen again. And it won’t.

So, enough from me. I now return you to your regularly scheduled culinary entertainment.

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  1. Poor Zak. He was really distressed about the blog, and its persnicketyness. The random weirdness and gibberish it kept spouting was giving him fits.

    I made him blueberry scones (yes, I will post the recipe tomorrow) this morning for breakfast and that helped him a little bit, but the mystery of what happened is still making him twitch a bit.

    As for the Recipe Debacle–contrary to his belief, I have forgiven him. I recovered most of those recipes, so, no harm, no foul.

    Though I will admit to weeping like a baby when I found out that they had disappeared into Computer Limbo. Of course, the fact that I found them gone a couple of hours before I was due to teach a class in dim sum when I needed to go photocopy the recipes–well, that may have had something to do with the crying thing.

    All is well that ends well. For now, I will use to house my resume and paper publication credits and maybe some larger versions of food photographs, as well as decriptions of the classes I will be offering to the public, and include a link to the blog.

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — June 27, 2005 #

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