Weekend Cat Blogging: Schmoo And Totoro

I feel like this photograph needs little in the way of comment. You all know Schmoo. And I would hope that you know Totoro. This is what happens when the two meet. (I would like to thank Brittany and her quick reflexes for this photograph. I was at work when she took it.)

How Green Was My Garlic (Scapes)

Sometimes I cannot get enough of garlic; I think it is probably my favorite member of the allium family. I use more onions by weight in my cooking than I do garlic, but that is partially because garlic manages to pack a healthy wallop of flavor in a very small package, compared to onions, so […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: What Are The Feline Citizens Up To?

What are the feline citizens of our home up to these days, now that the King of Cats has gone to his castle in the sky. Well, if these photographs are any kind of evidence, they are napping. As you can see, Grimalkin has a very strong sense of irony by the book she chooses […]

In Memory of Ozy: The King Has Left The Building

Yesterday morning was the end of an era. It was the end of the benevolent reign of the King of Cats in our house. The day dawned sunny and warm as Zak sought out Ozy and put him into the dreaded cat carrier. It was a measure of how tired, old and sick the King […]

Extra Bonus Weekend Cat Blogging: What Are The Felines Up To These Days?

You know, I spend so much time keeping everyone updated on how Kat is growing and developing, I feel like my four-footed babies are getting short shrift. So, here is an update on the antics of some of our feline friends, as they bring a smile to our days. First up, we have Grimalkin, fondly […]

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