Weekend Cat Blogging: What Are The Feline Citizens Up To?

What are the feline citizens of our home up to these days, now that the King of Cats has gone to his castle in the sky.

Well, if these photographs are any kind of evidence, they are napping.

As you can see, Grimalkin has a very strong sense of irony by the book she chooses to curl up with for her afternoon nap.

That is one of Kat’s favorite books, by the way, and we look at it together quite often. She can now point out the leopards, jaguars (and yes, she can tell them apart), cougars, tigers, lions, bobcats and black panthers, as well as the various house cats. She even can point out the pictures of the Russian Blue cats if you ask her to show you “the cats that look like Ozy.” Maybe she will remember him, at least in a small way, after all.

This is the sight that greeted me one morning when I got up: three amigos on the top of our cat tree in the living room.

Tatterdemalion, also known as Tatter, is the fluffy black girl cat in the back of the grouping. The stripy cat in front is Gummitch, my baby boy cat who is the sweetest kitty I have ever known. He is cuddled up with Jack, the other stripy boy cat who has gotten very aggressive with the other cats now that Ozy is gone. We are currently trying to work with his behavior problems. After a cat dies, there is a shifting of power in the feline community, and that is the turmoil we are dealing with now.

But this photo is of a gentle moment between three friends.

Here is another picture of Tatter so relaxed that she is asleep on her back with her belly exposed. Cats won’t sleep that way unless they are very calm, chilled out and relaxed and happy.

So far, the cats are shifting their pecking order, but between the outbursts of foul temper, there are moments of relaxation, quiet and peace.

It is all quite interesting to watch and be a part of.


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  1. When did Oz pass over?!?!?!?!?!


    Comment by Bryian — May 19, 2008 #

  2. I emailed you, Bry, but we had Oz put down last weekend, so he has been gone a week.

    Comment by Barbara — May 21, 2008 #

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