Extra Bonus Weekend Cat Blogging: What Are The Felines Up To These Days?

You know, I spend so much time keeping everyone updated on how Kat is growing and developing, I feel like my four-footed babies are getting short shrift.

So, here is an update on the antics of some of our feline friends, as they bring a smile to our days.

First up, we have Grimalkin, fondly known as Grimble, laying on her favorite perch, the back of the sofa.

Here, she not only looks dignified, but she manages to show off her Mona Lisa smile to her best advantage, turning her head just so like a seasoned professional model posing for the camera.

Grimble is asleep next to me right now, curled up in a purring ball of stripy, warm fur against my thigh.

Tatterdemalion wants everyone to know how pretty she is.

See how pretty she is?

Look at her plume tail, and at her puffs of perfectly groomed thundercloud fur.

And, look, look! See how bright her eyes are, and how poised she is, and how very graceful.

Watch her flirt, mincing back and forth, reaching out to be petted, then pulling away as if the proffered hand might soil her luxurious, oh-so-silky fur.

Isn’t she pretty?

Isn’t she the prettiest?

Well, isn’t she?

Yep, that’s Tatter. That’s just how she is.

And here is the cuddle-bug, the maternal love-cat, Dandelion.

We had put all of Kat’s stuffed animals on the love seat in order to clean the floor, and as I was putting away her books, Dandelion jumped up and settled herself among the pile of critters.

By the time I noticed her, she had gotten comfy, but hadn’t quite fallen to sleep.

At this moment, Dandelion is on the couch behind my head, watching what I write over my shoulder, purring her deep, resonant purr.

She has the most amazing, golden, throaty purr, like Eartha Kitt’s singing voice, and her fur is short with an amazing velvet nap to it.

I think that Eartha would have been a great name for her, now that I think on it.

Three days ago, I woke up and came downstairs to be confronted by the sight of Schmoo, our largest cat, curled up with Kat’s little baby doll, SweetPea, with one paw draped over her.

This was just too much. I know I giggled for hours over the sight.

And even though I took several photographs, all the while snickering, Schmoo was unconcerned.

He was perfectly happy, cuddled up with his little baby doll.

After I took the pictures, he settled back down and went back to sleep, cheek to cheek with SweetPea.

Finally, we come to young Cordelia, known by Delia by everyone but Kat who calls her Deeya.

Here, she had been sitting on the couch, washing her belly. When I said hello to her, she perked up her head and sat upright, forgetting her bath entirely. She sat like that for several minutes–once again, allowing Zak plenty of time to snap a couple of pictures before she realized that she was being immortalized in an embarrassing pose, and that she should sit more normally.

That’s it for this week’s Weekend Cat Blogging.

Stay tuned for next weekend’s entry which will focus on our other three cats: Gummitch, Ozy and Jack and their continuing adventures.


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  1. Oh, Tatter looks so much like my Snoopy! He was also very insistent that everyone know how beautiful he was.

    Comment by Cindy — January 27, 2008 #

  2. delia’s gotten to be a big big girl.

    good to see the other ones. and schmoooooooo love as usual.

    (what can i say, i have a goofy half meezer in my house as well)

    Comment by Charlotte — January 27, 2008 #

  3. Oh my god, your kitties are ridiculously cute. We only have two — Poppadum and Hunca Munca — but I really want more.

    I love that you use the term “cuddle bug,” I do too!

    Comment by Stephanie — January 28, 2008 #

  4. OMG, 8 cats???

    You must get another, so you have 9 lives…

    Comment by donna — January 31, 2008 #

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