Happy Boxing Day: Images From Our Christmas

While technically, last year was Kat’s first Christmas, at that time, being only a few months old, she didn’t really give a damned about it. So long as she was nursing, she was happy. This year, on the other hand, she helped us decorate the tree, bake cookies and wrap presents. And, as you can […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Christmas Edition

It was Christmas Eve Eve–the night before the night before Christmas–and all through the house, many creatures were stirring, measuring, shaping and baking a multitude of cookies to sweeten the holiday and make the season bright. I caught a glimpse of a sweet sight beneath our horrifying fiber optic Christmas tree–it glimmers and glows on […]

A Taste Of The Action in My Kitchen Today

The photograph above gives a slight clue as to why there has been no post for the past two days: I have just been too darned busy. Luckily for my readers, most of my busyness has been in the kitchen, though I have also been working on painting furniture for the nursery and working on […]

Early Weekend Cat Blogging: Sink Cat

Morganna’s cat, whose name is Lennier, but who gets called Nearble, Mooncalf, Moonie, Schmoo, Schmoobie, Schmoobeast, Moobie and MilkyMoo (all of which he answers to) is a wierd cat who is obsessed with water. He prefers to drink from sinks. He likes to sit in the bathtub. Sometimes, while there is water in it. When […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Gummitch the Handsome

Claire, of Eatstuff, and beloved companion of Kiri, the Amazing Christmas Miracle Cat, asked us to show folks what the cutest thing that our cats will do for this week’s Weekend Cat Blogging. However, I already posted a couple of pictures illustrating that last week, (if you missed them, check them out here), so instead, […]

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