Early Weekend Cat Blogging: Sink Cat

Morganna’s cat, whose name is Lennier, but who gets called Nearble, Mooncalf, Moonie, Schmoo, Schmoobie, Schmoobeast, Moobie and MilkyMoo (all of which he answers to) is a wierd cat who is obsessed with water.

He prefers to drink from sinks. He likes to sit in the bathtub. Sometimes, while there is water in it. When Morganna showers, he cries outside the bathroom, and likes to be let in so he can watch, and then dash into the wet shower after she is done, and sit down. He likes to sit on the edge of the tub when I am in it, and drape his front paws up to his elbows in it and drink the water.

He is truly odd.

The other morning, I came downstairs to behold an odd sight: our beloved Mooncalf sitting in the kitchen sink, which is so deep, only his head was to be seen. He looked like a kid in a bathtub, with only his head sticking out.

When I got close enough to see, he had been having a bath, but hearing me interrupted him and he had to peek out to see who had disturbed him at his ablution.

Silly cat. After taking the pictures, I of course had to chase him out and then re-wash the sink. I haven’t caught him there since, thankfully. Usually he hangs out in the bathroom sinks….

This is getting posted early because we are leaving in the early morning to pick up our dear friend Theresa at the airport in Columbus. She is flying in from Baltimore and will stay in Athens for a long weekend and then fly out Tuesday morning.

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  1. Oh MY GO! My wierdo cat does the same thing. he gets really really loud if I don’t let him in the bathroom when I am showering or don’t let him in shower right after I am done. When I take a bath he yowls until I share some bathwater with him. The only thing I can figure is that he thinks this is how I drink and wants me to share with him.

    Luckily it’s limited to the bath (and sometimes he tries to squeeze his big fat furry body into the bathroom sink). I have never seen him in the kitchen sink (whew!).

    Gotta love them, the little fur-brained creatures…

    Comment by Diane — April 8, 2006 #

  2. One of our cat’s Tasha is also obsessed with both the bathroom sink and the bath.

    We’re hoping the cat fountain we bought will wean her off her addiction.

    Comment by Pamela — April 8, 2006 #

  3. Our Bengal used to love water from the faucet and also water from an outdoor hose – they are funny creatures!

    Comment by Eleanor — April 8, 2006 #

  4. Sounds like quite the character!

    Comment by Cate O'Malley — April 8, 2006 #

  5. We had a cat called Percy who was like this too. In fact, he would jump onto our stomachs when we where in the tub and sit there very content.

    Comment by Sher — April 8, 2006 #

  6. LOL
    That is a great photo, BTW I love your sink!

    Comment by clare eats — April 9, 2006 #

  7. […] Check out Kamikaze the biggest kitty in these parts waving BYE!! with his tail at I Got Two Shoes Check out Lennier the crazy kitty that loves waterholding devices! Find him in a sink at Tigers and Strawberries Check out Colin and Shnozz and colin does look both bemused and resigned (LOL) at the Westering Hills […]

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  8. LOL! That is so funny! He looks like he is part Siamese? Very pretty kitty.

    Comment by kross-eyed kitty — April 9, 2006 #

  9. Too cute! This gave me a great giggle at work today.

    Comment by Maureen — April 10, 2006 #

  10. I had a cat many years ago in Chicago who also loved getting in the bathtub after someone had showered. We figured out that – in the cold Chicago winter – he liked to warm his tush on the bottom of the tub. He also would occasionally step into the bath if the temperature of the water was just right. But as soon as a current in the water alerted him to the fact that it was actually the dreaded WATER, he would jump out.

    He also liked trying to get up onto your lap when you sat on the toilet, again because there were exposed warm thighs…

    Love the photos, though!

    Comment by Meg — April 11, 2006 #

  11. Have you seen http://catsinsinks.com/ ? It’s not quite http://www.cuteoverload.com/ , but it’s close and earns points for being so specifically focused.

    Comment by Andy — April 11, 2006 #

  12. Hello, everyone!

    Glad you liked the Schmoo pictures–he is such a naughty boy. But he is so good natured and sweet tempered, he makes up for his wicked sink-obsessed ways.

    I love the sink, too–it is very good for cleaning out my wok and other deep pots and pans; it apparently is also a great place for Schmoo to have a bath and a nap, too.

    At least it serves multiple purposes.

    But you see why I obsessively rinse it out before using it….

    Love the links, Andy–thanks!

    Oh–and as for cat fountains–we had one until the pump died—it just made them all fascinated with running water. Not the extent of this cat, but all of them are now attracted to sinks.

    Maybe we should try and fix the pump…..

    Comment by Barbara — April 12, 2006 #

  13. My brother also had a white cat that like water.

    Comment by PSC — April 16, 2006 #

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