Weekend Cat Blogging: Look, Honey! A Hallmark Card Moment

Don’t you just love it when your cats are so cute that it’s sickening? Look at these pictures and tell me if your blood sugar doesn’t rise so precipitously that your pancreas threatens to jump ship. This is how Gummitch and Tatterdemalion were sleeping in my chair when I came into the office. I didn’t […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: The Birthday Girl and Cat

Today, we have much to do. The house needs some more cleaning (though we did a good bit of that yesterday) and I have doughs to make and fillings and sauces to assemble and create, and presents to wrap. Tomorrow is Morganna’s birthday, in addition to being the first day of the Lunar New Year […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Kitchen Companions

One of the best things about having many cats in a house this big is that, no matter what I am doing or where I am, I have at least one companion. Sometimes, two. For example, here are Springheel Jack and Tatterdemalion (Jack is the big one), sitting in my kitchen bookshelves, watching me do […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Catnip Crazy

Cats and catnip together make for amusing images to share. This is Tatterdemalion’s first experience with catnip. She has a good system worked out to get the maximum amount of exposure–she rolls in the stuff, and since her fuzz is so wild, the dried herb bits cling to her, everywhere. As you can see, this […]

Weekend Cat Blogging: Mamma’s Got a Brand New (Old) Chair!

You know, cats are strange. They just love to discover a new, or rather, old friend. They love this chair that Zak’s Grandpa handed down to us when he had his condo redecorated. It is a comfy chair, too, it rocks and swivels and is very cushy. I don’t love the upholstery, but it isn’t […]

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