Weekend Cat Blogging: Mamma’s Got a Brand New (Old) Chair!

You know, cats are strange.

They just love to discover a new, or rather, old friend.

They love this chair that Zak’s Grandpa handed down to us when he had his condo redecorated. It is a comfy chair, too, it rocks and swivels and is very cushy. I don’t love the upholstery, but it isn’t bad.

And it has been our still box-filled guest room ever since we moved in.

Until two days ago, when I brought it out of storage, and placed it in the corner of my office where the windows are.

My thought was to have a nice place for me to sit and read.

The cats, however, assumed I had brought their favorite chair out of hiding just for them.

And since it has been out, my office has been the COOL place to visit. Oh, yes. I always have at least one cat in there with me now, though as you can see from the illustrations, it is usually more.

It all started yesterday when I came in to find Grimalkin lounged on the top of the rocker, with Tatterdemalion and Lennier happily sprawled in the seat. And they were all cosy and cute and happy and purring and just as pleased as anything to have such a nice new place to sit, when Gummitch decided that if three was good, four was better.

So, he jumped up, pushed the kitten back and took himself a seat. And disagreements commenced.

Grimmy ran off, while Lennier and Gummitch exchanged clawless fisticuffs, and the kitten looked annoyed.

Eventually, Gummi settled in the window, Grimmy jumped up on my desk and settled in her corner where I have a little cushion for her, and Lennier and Tatter settled in for a nap.

As you can see, for all that Gummitch basically sat on her, she is unaffected and is quite settled in for a long, happy sleep.

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    Pingback by eatstuff.net » Blog Archive » WCB 31 — January 7, 2006 #

  2. Oh that is cool 😉

    Love the idea of the chairr, and te fisticuffs would be funny hehehe 🙂

    Comment by clare eats — January 7, 2006 #

  3. Great chair … great pics!

    Comment by Ivonne — January 8, 2006 #

  4. Thanks Ivonne–that is a comfy chair.

    Well, it is comfy on those rare moments when I get to sit in it.

    Which doesn’t happen often.

    Comment by Barbara — January 8, 2006 #

  5. Ooooh the chair looks very comfortable – I like such chairs ;o)
    And your kitties look adorable – as they always do

    best whishes — Astrid

    Comment by astrid — January 8, 2006 #

  6. Your kitties look so content!

    Comment by f-i-n — January 11, 2006 #

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