Weekend Cat Blogging: Kitchen Companions

One of the best things about having many cats in a house this big is that, no matter what I am doing or where I am, I have at least one companion.

Sometimes, two.

For example, here are Springheel Jack and Tatterdemalion (Jack is the big one), sitting in my kitchen bookshelves, watching me do the dishes.

They like these bookshelves because they are not full yet, so they have lots of nooks and crannies they can take over as their own. Which is good. That way, they can sit in the kitchen, be a part of the action, yet not be underfoot and in the way.

Though, I am not certain what I will do when those shelves inevitably begin to fill with cookbooks.

As is inevitable with cats, however, their attention wanders. Apparently, it is not that interesting to watch me load the dishwasher, so their thoughts stray, and they discover new sources of fascination, much closer at hand–or paw.

Each other.

(Of course, while you watch the feline antics, you also get a gander at some of my cookbooks–particularly my baking books, some of the French books, and some general purpose cookbooks.

All of the Chinese Cookbook Project books are upstairs in the teaching kitchen–and a couple of shelves above Tatter is my collection of cookbooks from the rest of Asia–Thailand, Korea, Japan, India and Burma.

And so, Tatter reaches out to touch someone, (namely, Jack) and the games are about to begin. Seconds after this photograph was shot, she flew out of the bookshelves and raced down the hall, with Jack hot on her heels.

For such graceful creatures, cats running sound like a herd of small elephants on the hardwood.

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  1. hi barbara,

    its funny i have a bookshelf companion posted too this week at my blog (http://paulchen.designblog.de/index.php?id=346)
    dont’t they look just too sweet?

    greetings from vienna and have a nice weekend :o)
    — Astrid

    Comment by astrid — January 21, 2006 #

  2. All cats sound like a herd of elephants when they run. We have 3 – 1 tiny girl (7 pounds), 1 medium senior citizen (10 lbs) and one LUMP – about 20 lbs and littermate to tiny.

    When all 3 get to playing, I swear we’re having an earthquake. When Queenie, our lump, wanders through the office, the floor shakes.

    Your kitties are awfully sweet. Maybe you can block out some spaces, like a shadow box, so that they still have places to claim as their own. =)

    Comment by Kymster — January 21, 2006 #

  3. Obviously your cats know the very best spot in any home … right by the cookbooks!

    Comment by Ivonne — January 21, 2006 #

  4. Tatterd reminds me of one of the ferals I feed, a little long-haired almost white one. She’s very timid, but if I put my hand out the window, she reaches out just like that and taps me on the finger. I just love cats.

    Comment by B'gina — January 21, 2006 #

  5. LOL
    Kitties definatley need to keep their paws occupied 🙂

    Comment by clare eats — January 22, 2006 #

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