Thoughts on Cooking (Or Not) For Kids

As my pregnancy wends its way into the home stretch, and I am continually reminded by the ever-more-frequent interior pummelling I am recieving of the incipient arrival of Kat, a small being whose food choices I will have a great deal of input into, I find myself thinking on the issues surrounding food and children […]

Chinese Yard Long Beans

The bounty that comes from my CSA box is continually astounding to me. This past Saturday, we were treated to a bundle of one of my favorite Asian vegetables, Vigna sesquipedalis, also known as Chinese yard-long beans. (They are also known as asparagus beans, but I have no idea why–they do not taste a thing […]

Belly Blessings: Henna, Dance and Delicious Food

Parties are not my strong suit. Let me rephrase that. I -love- catering parties. I like making up beautiful platters of food, and serving it and feeding lots of people all at once. -THAT- is fun and challenging for me. I like planning the menus, and doing the decorations and all of the little details […]

How To Be A Good Dinner Guest (And Get Invited Back)

So I was cruising around the net, and reading blogs the other day and on Slashfood, I found a link to this Seattle Times article: Non appetit: Dietary restrictions can complicate social dining. Basically, it is about the fact that because of greater prevalance in food allergies and awareness of diseases such as celiac in […]

“The Spice Is Right” VI Theme: Back To School

I was always an odd child. The fading end of August and the beginning of September were always one of my favorite times of year. Not the favorite–the favorite was deep autumn, in October, when the air is crisp with chilling winds, the sky is a blazing blue that perfectly sets off the fiery leaves, […]

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