Local Food in the (Local) News: Columbus Dispatch Covers the 100-Mile Diet

As the ideals behind eating locally spread through the national media via best-selling books, articles in Time Magazine, the New York Times and through the blogosphere, I am pleased to see the trickle-down effect at work. Smaller market news media are picking up on the trend, and reporting on it. Which makes sense, really, when […]

More About Bees: Urban Beekeeping Popularity Soars

In my last post about bees, I talked about the mysterious issue of Colony Collapse Disorder, a topic which has been hot in the media of late. In that post, I mentioned that hobby beekeeping, especially urban beekeeping, might help boost the population of pollinators, and help assuage fears surrounding CCD. Well, it seems that […]

Farmer’s Market Find: Purple Cauliflower

One of the best things about going to the farmer’s market diligently every summer Saturday is the thrill of finding something new. And with so many farmers in Athens growing so many wonderful crops and critters, one is bound to find something new nearly every week. This week, one of my best finds (you’ll hear […]

Improvising Summer Spaghetti

The spaghetti that I eat today is not the spaghetti I grew up with. Like many Americans whose families are not Italian in origin, I grew up primarily with spaghetti that had been overcooked into thick, mushy ropes of pasta, drowned in a fairly bland meat sauce that was almost completely devoid of the flavor […]

Cheesecake For Every Season And Every Reason

Last weekend, when my dear friend Tom, also known as Brother Thomas, visited, he asked if I would make him a strawberry cheesecake. Of course, I said yes, and used the last of the local strawberries, along with a quantity of very good strawberry jam to do it. I also flavored the batter and topping […]

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