Super Quick Injury Update: I’m Fine!

I wanted to let folks know that the pierced finger is pretty well healed. It hurt like crazy; the only reason I didn’t yelp when it happened was because I knew Kat had just gotten to sleep and I didn’t want to wake her up!

But, it is fine now–just two little pinprick holes–one through my nail and one on the other side of the finger. Thankfully, it went in diagonally and missed the bone entirely. It barely bled.

My head is fine. I hit my chin when I landed, and rattled myself nicely, but no lasting damage was done. That is the advantage of having a hard head, I guess.

Now–I was going to post on Thursday–I had the next bit in the series half written, when Morganna and I went to start cooking dinner.

But, while we were prepping, she said to me, “You know, I think I have just about gotten my knife skills back up to speed….”

Then, about five seconds later, she said, “Ouch! Oh, shit.”

She cut her finger, through her nail (the same finger on the same hand I pierced with the sewing machine needle….) and diagonally.

She ran to clean it out, and called out to me, “I think it will be okay.”

I looked at it, and sent her and Zak to the ER to get it stitched. They actually used surgical glue on it, but still…oy. It has been a bad week.

Yesterday, though, I went out and got a new sewing machine. Finally, I will be able to finish Kat’s baby quilt, and some other projects I have laying around, as well as start some new projects that I will be sharing here later.

Today, there was a wedding shower at our house for a friend, so this is the first time I have gotten to sit down and rest.

I’m going to go read the manual to my new pretty now!


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  1. Dear Barbara,
    Glad to hear you are on the up-and-up. Well, you had three bad things happen in a row. You should be safe for a few months now! Have you had a chance to look at Cook’s Illustrated June 2007? The vegetables in the vegetable curry seem sort of blah. Any suggestions for subs?
    Have a good Sunday.

    Comment by Sue — April 29, 2007 #

  2. Sue–I have sworn off CI. My view on their ethnic recipes is not to follow them at all, because they are not generally very well done. (They were better in the past, but recent issues have been very bad for the way they handle ethnic recipes, especially Asian ones.)

    What vegetables do they suggest you use? Let me know, and I will see if I suggest something better for you.

    Comment by Barbara — April 29, 2007 #

  3. Dear Barbara,
    I like to look at the art work they have in CI. In this particular recipe, the vegetables (not aromatics) are potatoes, cauliflower, canned chickpeas, and frozen peas.
    They also suggest using Pensey’s Sweet Curry Powder and McCormick’s Garam Masla. Isn’t it better to make your own Garam Masala?
    I really appreciate your recipes. They are so kick-ass.

    Comment by Sue — April 29, 2007 #

  4. I love the art in the magazine, too, Sue. The cover art, and the back cover art, in particular are awesome.

    Hrm. I would leave out the canned chickpeas. I really don’t think they would go so well. The other veggies are fine–they will taste very good together. You could add some carrots for sweetness if you liked, though.

    And yes, it is best to make your own garam masala. I do have one Penzey’s curry powder–hot Asian curry powder for the making of Singapore noodles. But I don’t like the taste of curries made with curry powder at all! (But, oddly, I like the taste of curry powder in scrambled eggs! Go figure.)

    I always make my own garam masala, and it has the best flavor. If you are not going to make your own, the Penzey’s Punjabi Garam Masala has a nice flavor and aroma–much nicer than McCormics.

    Thank you for your kind words, Sue!

    Comment by Barbara — April 29, 2007 #

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