The Scent of a Kitchen

Kate at The Accidental Hedonist had a great post the other day on the subject of her favorite food aromas, and it got me to thinking. Quite a few of the foods she listed as having her favorite aromas seemed pretty universal to me–freshly baked bread being one and coffee being another. I think that […]

The Vegetarian Hundred

A long-time reader here at Tigers & Strawberries, upon reading my participatory post for Dave of Very Good Taste’s list of one hundred comestibles that every omnivore should try at least once, entitled The Omnivore’s Hundred, said that someone should make a list of one hundred foods that vegetarians should eat at least once. I […]

A Post For Fun: The Omnivore’s Hundred

Andrew, the blogger behind the UK food blog, Very Good Taste, (and author of the book, Eat Britain) made a list of one hundred comestibles which he believes every omnivore should try at least once in their lives. He asks that other bloggers copy the list to their blogs, bold the items they have personally […]

Yet Another Reason to Dislike The Cook’s Illustrated Family of Publications

Long time readers of my blog should know by now how much I dislike the magazine Cook’s Illustrated. If you are new here, read one of my last rants on the subject, specifically, about how repugnant I find their tone when they write about Asian recipes, just before they “perfect” them by sucking every last […]

Can Urban Farming Help Alleviate A Looming Food Crisis?

Americans need to go back to the land. I don’t mean this in a 1960’s, leaving the city for a commune in the country, complete with goat milk, wheat grass and sprouted lentil loaves, kind of way. I think we all need to get back to the land wherever we are. We need to touch […]

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