Peppercorns, Ginger, Soy and Sugar: A Meditation

Some evenings, the simpler the dish, the better. Tonight is one of those times: too tired after being struck forcibly with a bit of unsettling news, I did not really want to cook, but I must. The lurching miasma in the pit of my belly insists that it be so. Into the kitchen I walk […]

Birth of a Blog Event: Spice Blogging

So, I have been reading about, cooking with and thinking about spices for, well a long time now. In terms of this blog, it has been a couple of weeks or so since I have been expressing my “spice obsession,” but in truth, I have been fascinated with those elusive, fragrant and delicious little nuggets […]

Freegans and Vegans: Where’s the Love?

Freeganism is in the news again, this time in the UK, and so I have had a flurry of links to the essay I wrote on the subject a couple of weeks ago. This renewed interest in the subject has spurred me to revisit it with a few more of my thoughts. When I wrote […]

Singing The Spice Road: Ginger-Mango Chicken

Surprises are a great deal of fun. Especially when it comes to improvising dinner. Morganna’s friend Donny was having supper with us on Friday, and I had planned to heat up some of the many leftovers we had from our vegetarian meal the night before: Dal Tarka Methi, Aloo Methi, Mattar Paneer and Sabz Kebab. […]

Weekend Herb Blogging: Methi

Methi, also known in English as fenugreek greens, is a lovely plant. It has delicate ovoid leaves of a nice medium bluish green, dainty triangular flowers and grows in a mounding habit. A legume, meaning it is of the same family of nitrogen-fixing plants as peas, beans, clovers, alfalfas and locust trees, methi has deliciously […]

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