Soup to Raise the Dead

Here is the pot of hot and sour soup just after being thickened with eggs and a thin slurry of cornstarch. I don’t like the soup overly thick and gloppy so I use a minimum of cornstarch in it. Shiksa Ball Soup may have marvelous healing powers, but it does lack the ability to raise […]

The Pizza Tree: A Story about the Chef’s Dog

Liriel, the dog who is trying to grow a pizza tree. Okay, I wasn’t going to post anything else until tomorrow when I posted the Chupacabra Chili recipe tomorrow, but as I was doing dishes, I looked outside and beheld a most droll sight and had to share. The above picture is one of our […]

Yin and Yang

Teaching culinary arts is one of my passions. I watch people learn; I have spent a large amount of my life studying and gaining experience and I enjoy sharing the information I have gained with others along the way. I like the shine of discovery in the eyes of students who are just now embarking […]

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