Kitchen Gardens Grow Food and Families

Having grown up helping my grandparents tend their farm, I have a healthy respect for a good kitchen garden. I know exactly how much work goes into putting a garden together, how much time it takes to keep it going and how frustrating it can be when weather, bugs, and marauding raccoons do their level […]

I Have Returned, For Real This Time. No, Really, I Mean It.

It’s funny. When I first went back to writing this blog, I really believed I was fine. Everything was fine, I was fine, the world was fine, and all was well. But, you know, that wasn’t really the case. Which is why I went quiet again–I wasn’t quite ready to become a public figure of […]

Fire in the Wok

Finally! I succeeded at getting a good shot of flames rising from the wok while cooking. And, I thought that since this photograph looked cool enough to share, I should probably write a bit about how and why to safely set fire to food in your wok. First, let’s talk about why you’d want to […]

Meatless Monday: Cook Local, Eat Global

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but there is a new tagline for Tigers & Strawberries, right up there at the top of the page, under the title. It says, in somewhat sketchy grammar, “Cook local, eat global.” Obviously, it’s a take on the classic saying, “Think globally, act locally,” which I have always […]

Fishing for Fish Sauce

Back when I wrote my post about the Thai Pesto Noodles I put together in a successful experiment, one reader commented that I never really explained much about fish sauce, nor mentioned which brand or brands I used at home. And while I did link to a very old post of mine, an exhortation to […]

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