Cutting and Browning Onions For Proper Flavor In Indian Food

I had a reader ask me last week how I manage to cut my onions thin enough so they brown easily and completely for the proper Indian flavor. I tried to explain it completely with words, but I thought that it would be much easier to do an in-depth post with photographs to explain not […]

Eat Curry For Your Health!

I’ve been reading articles about the health benefits of curry spices for quite some time, but this article from AlterNet is particularly good because it brings together summaries of the latest research on a variety of spices. Worldwide, a great many researchers are finding that spices commonly consumed in Indian curry dishes have myriad health […]

This Should Surprise No One: Dangerous Mercury Levels Found in Sushi Tuna in NYC

I love me some tuna. Toro, maguro, yellowfin-I love them all. I love the roseate slices draped over nigiri, enrobing the rice and vinegar balls with their delicate flavor and buttery rich texture. Even more, I love the sensual process of eating tuna sashimi, plucking each slice like the petal of a fleshy blossom, dipping […]

Taste vs. Flavor, Or, In Praise of Our Noses

I was reading somewhere on the net, a thread of conversation about food, foodies, and what makes a foodie a foodie. In the middle of this wide-ranging discussion, one commenter postulated that most foodies were supertasters who have tongues which can discriminate between the most subtle nuances of flavor between different foods. Except, as another […]

Pork: The Little White Lie

I just want to clear something up, right here and right now. Contrary to what the National Pork Board has been saying since 1987, pork is not a white meat. It is red meat. End of story. Well, okay, it isn’t the end of the story, although it should be. However, 9 out of 10 […]

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