Chupacabra T-Shirt, Part II

Okay, number 36 did not work, so the random number generator gave me number 2.

So, if you hold the card with number 2 on it, post a reply here within three days to claim your very own Chupacabra Chili t-shirt, one of only three currently in existence, giving your email address so I can email you and get the proper snailmail address to send this lovely and talented bit of wardrobe whimsy right to your door. Yes, right to your door.

Stay tuned, I have more to post later, and a food related topic, even.

And the number, by the way, is 2.


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  1. Makes me wish I had a card with a 2 on the back, or where ever. 😉

    And thanks for your thoughtful comments on my blog thingies. It meant a lot to me. *hugs*

    Comment by Judith — February 24, 2005 #

  2. You can just order a t-shirt–it is the first link on the right over there.

    They are not too expensive.

    Or, you can wait until I post the third number, and if no one claims it then, I will open a contest to all readers. Of some sort. I gotta think of what sort of contest, though.

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — February 24, 2005 #

  3. Oh, and on the comment on your blog thingie–you are very welcome.

    Love is love. Don’t question it, only experience and treasure it.

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — February 24, 2005 #

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