And Yet Another Episode of Weekend Cat Blogging

You know, the reason we don’t make our bed isn’t just because we are lousy housekeepers.

It is because we have a day shift who makes use of it after we have gotten up.

At any given time of the day, there are at least two cats in residence upon our bed.

Ozymandias, King of Cats (he is the large grey one in the picture there) holds court in our bed from mid-morning on. At his side is usually Tristan, who is his major-domo, valet, fartcatcher and general boy Friday. Trizzy–the Siamese–will sometimes leave Ozy in the capable hands of Springheel Jack, who is the larger of the two tiger cats.

And then, there is Gummitch. Gummitch loves to cuddle. Jack is his usual cuddle buddy, as you can see here, and in a formerly posted photograph.

But, lacking Jack, he will make due with any old thing such as our plum-colored blanket.

No creature in the world can enjoy sleep so completely and voluptuously as a cat.

And few creatures are as disgustingly adorable in their sleep as a feline.

I mean, really. Look at Gummitch. Not a care in the world.

And look how he twists himself into a yogic stretch while yawning.

I hope that in my next life, I reincarnate as a beloved housecat.

For more weekend cat-blogging, visit Masak-Masak and see Ally with some stuffed animal friends. At Farmgirl Fare, check out Gretel, who is eighteen years young, sitting in the sun. And at Eatstuff, Clare shows us how tiny Kiri was when he was a baby. Last, but certainly not least, we have Tanuki showing off color coordinated stripes and eyes at A Cat in the Kitchen.

So, if you are a blogger, and you have cats and want to show the foodies of the world that there is more to life than eating, then join us. Just post pictures of your cat this or any Saturday, and send the link to Clare at Eatstuff, and we’ll share links to your catfriends on our blogs.


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  1. Oh so many Gorgeous KITTIES!!!!!

    You are very lucky 🙂

    Comment by Clare Eats — July 23, 2005 #

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Wonderful photos! Your cats all look so sleek & silky!

    Here’s my WCB#7 link:

    Have a great weekend! Meow! : )

    Comment by farmgirl — July 23, 2005 #

  3. Thanks Clare!

    Farmgirl–I just posted a link to Miss Gretel as you were commenting!

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — July 23, 2005 #

  4. Ahhhh! That explains it! I was going to apologize for somehow missing those last few paragraphs. I knew they weren’t there before! WCB is complicated this weekend! 🙂

    Comment by farmgirl — July 23, 2005 #

  5. Kitties galore! What I love about them is they can all sleep in one bed together. Mine don’t get along that well that they all sleep seperately.

    Comment by boo_licious — July 24, 2005 #

  6. I love your post and it gave me good laught. I just posted one of my cats as well 🙂

    Comment by Dagmar — July 24, 2005 #

  7. You should join us in our weekend cat blogging, Dagmar–I know just how cute your babies are.

    I have to dash over to your blog to see, now!

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — July 24, 2005 #

  8. Boo, we are lucky with this family of cats. All of the boys get on well together, but the two girl cats will seldom cuddle with anyone but Zak or I.

    Generally, I have had better experience with neutered male cats getting along well than females. The females just seem to need their personal space.

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — July 24, 2005 #

  9. ooooh they look so kind and wonderful in their sleep.
    I’ve two cats – two boys – myself and they even have a blog of their own.
    Its written in german, but you may want to have a look at their pictures :o)
    have a nice weekend :o)

    Comment by astrid — December 3, 2005 #

  10. Your cat are lovely little fellows, Astrid! So handsome, with beautiful eyes.

    I feel bad for not posting any pictures of the cats recently….

    Comment by Barbara Fisher — December 4, 2005 #

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