So, I come back from a wedding spent on a farm in West Virginia where goats, ponies, turkeys, pheasant and rabbits frolicked and huge kitchen gardens produced enough vegetables and fruits for several families, where wild berries grew juicy and sweet in the shade of towering maples and oaks, to see an email that Zak […]

Early Weekend Cat Blogging

So you get an early dose of weekend cat blogging this week, because we are heading out of town for a long-awaited and anticipated family wedding, so I won’t be here to regale you with my further adventures in cat-herding and culinary exploration until we get back on Sunday. And by then, I may be […]

Summer Berry Baking

It is high summer, and there has been no appreciable rain here in Athens since sometime around the beginning of June. This is very odd; the weather around Athens is usually humid, wet, and rainy, with only a bit of a dry spell starting around the middle of July that only lasts until the end […]

Meat Comes from Animals: Deal with It, or Eat Vegetables

A week or so ago, I posted a comment on my blog entry entitled “Alice Waters Goes to Washington,” where I noted that people who whine that they “can’t eat meat that looks like it came from an animal” were a hot button for me. It is an issue for many reasons, one of which […]

Seasonal Dance: Lebanese-Inspired String Bean Saute

Peeling back the layers of influences on my styles of cookery is difficult; while it is true that for the most part, my childhood was filled with typical southern Appalachian farm food, I was also exposed to the culinary wonders of the Mediterranean world early on. My mother’s best friends when I was very young […]

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