Alice Waters Goes to Washington

Alice Waters, chef owner of Chez Panisse in Berkley, doyenne of the New California Cuisine with its emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, and an outspoken proponent of sustainable agriculture, grew a vegetable garden on the National Mall as part of her presentations at the Folklife Festival which just ended on July 4th. I knew she […]

A Childhood Favorite Resurrected

When I was a child, my favorite breakfast was a small pile of blueberry pancakes. Bacon was optional, but syrup was necessary, and a tall glass of ice cold milk was the beverage of choice. In those days, blueberry pancakes were either made by my mother, or later, myself, from a mix, or they came […]

Persian Cherry Pilaf

Persian cuisine is an ancient one that is more familiar than one might think; if you have eaten in a typical Indian restaurant in the United States which serves Northern Indian food, you have eaten dishes which have their roots in Persia. The Persians conquered the lands of Northern India in the sixteenth century, and […]

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