Simplicity from the Earth

For all that I love to make Asian foods, sometimes, I crave the plain comfort of country foods cooked simply. Last night was one of those times. Zak grilled bratwursts, and while those were cooking, I put a pot of some tiny Russian Banana fingerling potatoes on to boil in thier skins. When I was […]

Food in the News

I just happened to notice a few news items this week, and thought I would share them with the readers out there in foodblogland. First Lady Picks First Woman Chef Laura Bush has chosen a woman to be the new White House Executive Chef. Cristeta Comerford, a naturalized citizen from the Philippines, was promoted to […]

Cooling Dishes for Hot August Nights

Cold dishes are an important part of the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent. Not only are they served chilled or at room temperature to contrast with the dishes which are served warm or hot; they often contain herbs and vegetables that are considered to be cooling to the human constitution, and so are considered as […]

Local Tofu?

Regular readers might remember that I like tofu, and made it one of my exceptions when it came to this month’s local eating challenge. Every kind of tofuI have found that I like comes from California. And I really didn’t want to go without tofu for an entire month. So, I decided that, like rice, […]

Feasting Indian-Style

Saturday was a flurry of shopping, visiting, cooking, eating, laughing, and some more eating after that. We celebrated the return of our friend Heather, to the US after spending the summer at a university in Beirut, learning Arabic in an intensive language course. We also celebrated Morganna’s homecoming as well; she has officially moved into […]

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